Looking for "include this text in compile" checkbox


In the inspector, there used to be a checkbox to choose for every individual document whether or not it should be included in the final compile. I know there’s an overview page with a list of all documents where this can be set, but I’m looking for the individual checkbox that used to go with each individual document. Am I just looking in the wrong places, or has this been removed?


This one? It still shows up on my screen.

Aaaah, I have it now - thanks! Just realized that you need to hit one of the first three buttons at the bottom of the inspector for it to show up. With “Snapshots” and “Commentary/Footnotes” it doesn’t. Thanks for the help!

Question for the programmers: Maybe it would be possible to add the “add to compile” option to the right-click menu for each document? That way, it would also be available when the inspector is deactivated. On small screens, that would be quite helpful. Thanks again!

This setting is also available in the Contents section of the compile window, if that’s of any help to you.

You can also set the “include in compile” checkbox as a column in the Outline view, if that’s useful for you.