Looking for somethings like "links"


I like to realise the following Problem:

I like to link 2 documents in one other document. But not as a link, but as the text them self.


Hello World!

Hello You!

Hello World!
Hello You!

If i chance doc1 to “Hello Boy!”, than doc3 automaticlly canges to:
Hello Boy!
Hello You!

Is this possible?


(and sorry, I´m no native english speaker…)

I think what you might be looking for is the “Update Links to use Target Titles” menu command, which you can get by right-clicking on the out of date link. You can also select the entire file’s text and use that command from the Edit menu.

This must be something you do, because to do this automatically would not be possible. The program could not know that the link text is supposed to be a title, once it is different from the title. You might link the phrase, “For further information on this topic, read this article”, where ‘this article’ is linked to “Hello Boy!”. You might not want that link to automatically change to “Hello Boy!”.

Hello AmberV,

thank you for your answer.

I already found the “Update Links to use Target Titles” menu command in the manual. But I think its not the way I like to manage the problem…

Because: My documents not only have 3 words. I need to put 3 sheets of text into another.

I have 10 or more documents:


all text written in every doc*-file should also be shown in another document: e.g. docX. Call this “master document”, or what ever.

But I dont think, that this is possible.

Thx, André.

I see, there isn’t a way of doing that specifically. Wouldn’t just putting these ten documents into the Draft folder and compiling do what you want, or is “doc2” used more than once in the final output? Perhaps I don’t quite follow what the end result is supposed to be like. Are you composing several documents out of one project, and you want these ten smaller documents to be in the final outputs, but in slightly different arrangements? If so, you might try the Collections feature for that. Make a Collection, put everything into it that you want for the specific output document, and then select that as your compile group rather than the Draft folder.

Hi again,

I using a new collection now. This works 90% for that what I need.

I have a novel with 10 or more chapters. Every chapter is an folder in the manuskript. In every folder I have first a text document with the plot and ideas of the chapter. Then documents with the scenes. Now I like to put all plot-docs in another document, to see all together, to compare the chapters and to overlook the hole story. thats it.

thx, André.

Yes, it sounds like Collections is the best feature for you then. That’s the easiest way to put select items into one place so they can be viewed together with no distractions. Note you can view a collection corkboard/outline/scrivenings by clicking on its header name (below the tabs) in the sidebar.

Thank you for your help.