Looking for step by step help to sync Scrivener!

Please do this:

  • Create a brand new project on the Mac with a couple of text files. Save it in the Dropbox folder.

  • Allow Dropbox to sync. Login to your account at dropbox.com. Is the project there?

  • If so, allow the Windows machine to synchronize. Does the project appear? If so, add a few lines of text, save it, and allow Dropbox to synchronize again.

  • Allow the iOS device to synchronize. Does the project appear? Does it have the lines you added on the Windows machine? If so, add a few more lines and synchronize again.

  • Synchronize the Windows machine, see if the iOS changes appear.

  • Synchronize the Mac. See if both the Windows and the iOS changes appear.

If you got this far, synchronization is configured correctly. If not, what step failed?