Looking for ... vic-k? Please tell me that I am not alone.

I figure I am not alone in finding “kindred souls” on the decks of the KBS Scrivener. I will admit, much to my embarrassment, that I actually LOOK for new posts by vic-k. While I find the admission of the afore mentioned activity much to my discredit, I think Mr -K and I would get along pretty well if forced to share a bottle of his precious Jameson.

There are a few other names that get my attention when I see a post attributed to them. Some are insightful, some are humorous, others are just friendly. Each name has a clear personality (none that I dislike so far).

I believe that I am not alone in appreciating the other participants on these forums. The vic-k thing… I might be alone on that one.

Keith, thanks for the forums.

How to find Vic-k

(1) Make a post with an eye catching Title. (ie. I love Pirates)

(2) Say Yaarrrggghhh somewhere in your statements.

(3) Wear a patch over one eye and swing a rusty sword around when you type.

(4) Ask Vic-k what he “directs”

(5) Use keywords like “beer” “jamison” “pirates” “dashing good looks” “hopeless romantic” “not up for discussion”

This will help ensure that Vic-k shall come down from the Captain’s room aboard his Pirate ship (Named Le Director) and partake in a little swashbuckling discussion.

Or just post

[size=200] pffrrrrrttt [/size] real big somewhere.


In reality if you want to find Vic-k click this link
literatureandlatte.com/forum … thor=vic-k

Finding him isn’t the issue. It is the fact that he is “looked for” that bothers me. Even the venerable emacs thought I was nuts.

Monsieur Jaysen,

The foolish eunuch, even at this very moment, sits cowering in a corner of his brain, over on the Psychotherapist thread, way beyond the palliative/therapeutic reach of Mama Jameson`s embrace. Even my precious Absinthe and Laudanum tempts him not, as he awaits the outcome of the meddling with the unknown, on the aforementioned Psycho thread.

Do join us there, you`ll be most welcome.

Le D :smiling_imp:

I have been there and while I offer no opinion of my own, I fear the violator for reasons best left as conversation pieces for my skeletons.

Someday I will need to obtain this Absinthe of which you speak so fondly. I have a line of inquiry started with the local dealer of spirits and should have access to Jameson. I leave it to Mrs to determine its quality as I personally prefer liquors distilled from the various Jamaican cash crops. I do know that the “Green Goblin” that we poor schmucks in the northwestern quadrant of a global map have access too is not the “real thing” (recently legalized).

Such is life.

extract from a post to the lovely Siren grrr! :smiling_imp:

[i]"We share a common bond, dear lady. I, in fact, am addicted to a viciously potent brew of Laudanum and Absinth. And I do not mean, the adulterated Absinth that can be purchased legally in the Gin Palaces and back alley hostelries, frequented by the lower orders. Oh no, what I refer to, is the real Absinth; that green goddess, that toyed mercilessly with the minds and souls of the artistic and literary intelligentsia, of the 18th and 19th centuries, before destroying them and casting them aside, like old worn out dish clothes.

My illicit supply, comes courtesy of an inscrutable gentleman of Oriental Extraction, who owns an emporium (in Chinatown at the heart of the Metropolis of Manchester), selling useless tat and ephemera, as a front for his real business; the supplying, to miserable wretches like myself, that, which we so fervently desire. It`s only the regular imbibing of this fiendish concoction that enables me to cope with the vagaries and vicissitudes of modern life. Whilst paradoxically, helping to hasten its sad denouement."

Unfortunately Monsieur, RED BULL, will give you a better rush, than the rubbish being legally peddled as Absinthe, today.

Le D:twisted:

Every hear the phrase “white lightning”? Wock should be more familiar with it than he cares to admit. My genome hails from a section of the “good ol’ US of A” that has more surfaces at a 30deg incline then 10deg, where every man has a rifle, shotgun, bow, and spinning rig in the back window of the pickup, wives know that beer is 4 of the 5 food groups, and “white lightning” is a family recipe.

Granny (great grand mother) ran hooch during the prohibition and ran a brothel. She shot her brother (who died of the wound) and used “the boys” (my father and his brothers) to mind the still. If I remember correctly my dad and his closest brother spent a week in jail before they could post bail.

Suddenly my mental state makes sense.

All that to say the following: Yep. We don’t get the good stuff. Looks like a good reason to ruin your side of the planet some day.

Monsieur, one simply has to know the trick of it. A reasonable amount of the aforementioned aperitif (I prefer the Pernod variety of it, given that they were the one’s responsible for its popularity), exactly dosed with a correct lacing of wormwood (thus obtainable from a hardware store or other place of common poisons), shall give you the original spirit in its exactement.

The magic of the Absinthe is just so - an overdose of ethanol and aniseed (70% is the general by-volume level), meted with a vaguely hallucinogenic rat poison.

Like all things alchemical, I must advise caution on the wormwood. Too little, and you’ve wasted your time. Too much, and it will fucking kill you.

Monsieur Marcus wrote:

Oui monsieur, cest vrai. Between the [i]Godess[/i] and vic-ks inlaws `tis a rock and a hard place!

Le D :smiling_imp:

Too much, and it will fucking kill you.

Yes but it kills all the worms too.

And its a lot more fun than Bob Williams dog worming tablets.

When i made Absinthe I used the exact measurement of a fistful of wormwood to a bottle of Pernod.

I did not hallucinate nor become artistic but I did develop a stupid smile on my face.


Just boil Nyquil if one is that desperate for a “green tonic”.

Or try a little 'shine. Now that will make ya sit up an pay attention.


Has anyone else noticed that threads involving vic-K somehow devolve to threads about liquor? Even the ones he just chimes in on?

I find that … interesting.

I think you are on to something…


I found Vic-K!

Took me awhile but alas I found him!

Hahaha!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: What a riot!

Here Vic-k in case you want an avatar


I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that vic-k was a kind of Kilgore Trout to KB’s KV… :wink:

When the tupelo
Goes poop-a-lo
I’ll come back to youp-a-lo