Looking forward to downloading new version...

… the additions and enhancements I have seen in the beta releases I’ve used really knock me out. (in a good way!)
A question: I saw the below mentioned in the release announcement and it sounds useful but I don’t know why. :blush:
Could someone clue me in? THANKS.
You can select a folder or document from anywhere outside the Draft folder to include as front matter in the compile contents.

That will mainly be useful if you’re self-publishing to a few different formats. You might for example want a Table of Contents with cross-linked page numbers (also a new feature) for your PDF but not in your e-books. With this feature you can quickly swap between front matter folders when compiling to get the target material correct. If you were having to rotate things in an out of your draft, or messing with the include/exclude checkboxes, this will be a nicer way of handling that problem.

Definitely useful!
(Do you folks have a coffee/beer/holiday party fund that accepts contributions? Because your hard work and great support deserve that!)