Looking to hire for help with paperback formatting

Hello everyone, I wrote a book in Scrivener last year. It’s published as an ebook on Amazon right now and the paperbook doesn’t look too bad. Looking to hire someone with experience optimizing Scrivener compile formats for paperback to finish off the paperback and get it looking as professional as possible. Experience with Amazon print-on-demand and working with color images in Scrivener/print would be very useful. Thanks!

While finding someone that can work with your Scrivener project directly has some advantages, you would find a lot more talent by just looking for a freelance designer in general. All they’ll need is something simple like a manuscript output.

Scrivener itself isn’t really designed for making books in the first place, so you’re going to have a tougher time finding a pro that uses it, as it would be a bit like a designer looking for writers that specialises in writing books in InDesign. :slight_smile:


Good point! Thank you for sharing that perspective

I could probably do that.

one on one assistance