Looks like bug in Project Notes

OsX 10.10, Scrivener 2.6.

Bring up the book, click on Project Notes, the page comes up properly. Then click “-” to delete note named “Dahan.”

The “are you sure” query comes up in a long column about 2.5 inches wide. I assume there is a Yes/No down at the bottom, but there is no way to get to it. The cursor never moves from arrow to “move”, the window cannot be resized. Because window controls do not seem to be implemented the query cannot be answered and Scrivener is permanently hung up.

I have found no fix except shutting the machine off or going to Activity Monitor and force closing the process. Notice to the left the file entitled “Dahan.” appears empty of content, yet it is there when you try to delete it. The file named “Dahan” operates properly. Focusing on file “Dahan.” and typing in “This is a test”, then hitting “-” to delete makes no difference. The “Are you sure” screen comes up identically, there is no “this is a test” text showing or substituted.

Thank you for reviewing this issue.

The problem is that the name of this note is huge, it looks like you pasted in a bunch of text accidentally. Note that most dialogue boxes can be accepted with the Enter key (Return+fn if you’re on a small keyboard without a num pad) even if you can’t see the button. The Esc key nearly always cancels a confirmation message like this. So at the very least, you know how to dismiss this box now without force quitting the software.

If you haven’t just deleted it with Enter, you can edit the name in the sidebar by double-clicking on the name. Next hit Cmd-A to select all text and backspace, then type in something short and temporary so you can delete it with the buttons instead of the keyboard.

Both your suggestions worked nicely, thanks.