Loooonngg & Frequent Autosaves in Scrivener 3 for MacOS

Scrivener is performing excruciatingly long autosaves every couple of minutes, as well as every single time I switch docs in split mode. I have set the autosave pref to 300 seconds, and unchecked making zip file backups. Nothing seems to help. It’s really hampering productivity, and breaks concentration.

I’ve read tons of recommendations for older versions, but this is my first project in Scrivener 3 and I seriously doubt the need to reindex, etc.

Ironic, because in every other respect except compiling (which might as well be glossalalia) I love this app and pray for MS Word-addicted editors all over the world to break free and come out of the caves.


How big is the project?

Was it originally created in Scrivener 2 or Scrivener 3?

Do any devices other than this one have access to it, whether by sharing the project or through something like an external folder?

Are you sure that the slowdown is actually due to saving? There are a few other glitches that can also cause very slow switches between files.

Constant re-indexing is not normal.


I’m seeing the same repetative updating search indexes events on both macOS and iOS. In addition to the problems reported in my various messages (such as https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/all-open-projects-marked-changed-after-24-hours/41090/1) about Scrivener for macOS marking open projects changed when they have not been as this then interferes with synching between macOS and iOS. And in answer to kewms’ question this happens on projects created in version 2 and upgraded by version 3 and new version 3 projects.

You noted in the other thread that you routinely leave projects open for days at a time. Does closing them when you are away from your computer help?