Loosing Formatting when opening project on different mac


I’m trying to use Scrivener on a second mac to get help from a team member on a specific project I’m working on.

What I need is the same setup (fonts, presets etc.) resulting in the same view of the projcet on this “other” mac as on my own mac.

Unfortunately I saw that already on the first that the formatting of a simple bullet point list looked different on this mac then on may machine. Every intend was the same, also I structures the list in my “original” project different. (various different level of intends).
Now everything was on the same level of indent, but using different symbols for the bullets…
Well, not really what I was expecting…

I stopped the testing here, because I don’t want to screw up my project.

Before I tried this mac solution I used the windows version and the bullets came out even more ugly, but at least the intend was correct. In addition to “wrong” bullets spacing between images and text was not like in my “orginal” file.

I really don’t understand why I don’t have a consitent view here. Is a project tied to computer?

Between Macs you shouldn’t see much of a variance in how bullets are built, is one of the Macs very old or something? There are indeed platform related differences between Mac and PC (really, to be more precise, how MS Word works), there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about that since what is expected on a Mac is one way, and on a PC another way (never mind how difficult it would be to actually make that change, practically speaking it is not something we have the resources to do). But even if we could, if we changed one version of Scrivener to work the other way, we’d be telling all PC users their bullets work better on a Mac, or vice versa, and doubt anyone would be happy about that. :slight_smile:

Specifically which bullets are used for which indent levels, that is a limitation in the toolkit we use to make these. It doesn’t save indent styles anywhere, just using simple logic to determine what bullet format should be used, falling back to defaults if there is no data to pull from around the spot where you hit return.

On that score at least you should be safe. I cannot think of many things you can do with bullets that would destroy your project. You might have to fix up some formatting to make things consistent—especially when working with a PC collaborator (or if you yourself need to use one occasionally), but as with toggling bold on and off, these are not necessarily destructive actions since they can be easily reversed.

Indee there’s a difference in age but both have the current OS installed and the same version if scrivener.

I’m really disapointed that I can not run the same software with the same project on different macs without this problem.

It’s really not helpful if your software “resets” the indents on one version…whatever a changed version then may look like on the other mac. Indents and their different level are important for my project and I don’t want to loose them.

On the orher site I would by another version of your softare, so that my team can support me on that project but it seems that this makes no sense with the above mentioned problem.

For me it’s hard to believe that a project looks so different in your software even on the same OS

To reiterate, you should see no formatting changes between two Macs under normal conditions. So what I need is a description of precisely how you got things to end up that way, in order for me to explain what happened, or advise a better approach.

If you can take a blank project with no formatting, type in some sample text (no copy and paste) with some bullets, then close the project, copy to another Mac, and end up with completely different bullet formatting—I’d love to see it, but I doubt you will. The problem is more likely some external formatting that came in from imported to pasted in text. Lists in particular are messy, there are no standards for them, and nearly every word processor or text system does different things to make them.

This is just an idea (I haven’t checked it detail), but do you have the same fonts installed on each machine? Or, to be more precise, is the typeface you are using in the project on your source Mac also available on the other machine(s)?

As I said, I haven’t checked this so I’m really not sure what impact it might have on bullets, but I have seen font substitutions achieve some very odd results. This could also be impacted by the method you used to create your bullet lists.