Loosing RTF text files

See also my earlier post.

Scrivener has just lost another document (approximately 700 words) and I cannot see any .rtf file at all. This time there were no error messages. I closed down the project and when I reopened it, the document was gone. The synopsis and meta data are there and the document title is there but no content!!!

I love Scrivener, but this PC version is looking more like a very buggy Microsoft product, at least to me.

Like Microsoft products, which I kept well clear of for at least 12 months after launch, I shall not be considering the PC version for quite some time.

I have decided to buy an iMac instead, so that I can use a fully functional (and hopefully bug free) version of Scrivener.

In case you cannot find my previous post, I am using the NaNoWriMo version 045 with Windows 7 Starter.