Losing blank lines in Export function to Word: Mac

I’m doing some writing in Scrivener that is then exported to Word where I html code it, then cut-and-paste into a form on a website.

When I was writing in Word, this worked w/o issue.

Now I’m finding that even though the export into Word looks perfect, the cut-and-paste loses all of its blank lines between paragraphs.

Any ideas what is going wrong?


ETA: I’m using Word:Max v. X.

Erm, is it that the HTML conversion requires two carriage returns between paragraphs to recognise a new one, and your Scrivener → Word text only has one? Or it might be the CR+LF, CR, or LF issue … that you need CR+LF à la Windows, and you’re only getting CR from Scrivener à la Unix?

The blank lines between paragraphs using the default formatting of Scrivener is just paragraph spacing, not actual blank lines. You would need to get rid of all the paragraph formatting and then enter blank lines manually for HTML.

Thank you, xiamenese and Keith!

Keith, is there any command I can use to get rid of the paragraph formatting?

These are long docs, sometimes 8,000 words or more, and this might cause me to have to revert to Word for this project.


It also occurs to me, is there a way to turn off the automatic formatting so that I’m putting in the returns as I go, the same way I would in Word?

Of course. Preferences > Text Editing. Just set your preferred default formatting (see the FAQ and Help files for more details). To convert all existing documents to your new formatting, select them in the binder and go to Documents > Convert > Formatting > To Default Style. At this stage, I don’t see how Word would help. Either way you’ll have to go through and add those extra line breaks. (You can use the find and replace feature in either.)
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To further expose my ignorance–

What would I find, and what would I replace? Specifics, please?

(I bought my first Mac in 1984–the original Mac–because I’m such a technophobe!)

Assuming you’re doing it in Scrivener …

In the “Find” part type Alt-Return

In the “Replace” part, type Alt-Return Alt-Return

Click “Find/Next” (whichever it is) … it should find the end of the first paragraph;

Click “Replace and Find”

It should replace that first paragraph end and insert a blank line before the next paragraph. If it does it as you expect …

Click “Replace All”.

And that should be it :smiley:



That’s exactly what I needed.

Thank you!

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

Glad to hear your issue is resolved and Welcome to the Scrivener Community!

Thank you!

Well, actually, when I do Find> Alt-Return Scrivener doesn’t find any, so I can’t replace them!

It should do - it works fine for me, I just checked…

It appears to be looking for the actual word “Alt-Return” from what I can tell… It’s finding 0.

Er, you’re not supposed to type in “Alt-Return”. :smiley: You’re supposed to hold down the Alt (Option) key and then press the return key, so that you can enter a return character into the Find panel!

You realize I just sign onto forums like this to provide comic relief, don’t you?


Thank you!

Sigh. (I’m wondering what really silly thing I’m doing wrong now…)

I opened the Find window and put the cursor in the proper place.

I pressed Alt and held it down while I pressed return–

And nothing happened. No symbol, no nothing.

Needless to say when I did it twice in the Replace window and hit “next” nothing happened, either.

Nothing will appear in the Find panel when you enter a return character like this because the return character is invisible. Just hold down Alt, hit return once, then hit Next. The space at the end of a paragraph should become selected. That is what you will need to replace with two newlines.

I do that, but it doesn’t find anything. ‘Nothing found.’

I take it back. It did, and as I believe you warned me, it left huge white spaces between lines. I’m going to try a cut and paste to see if it uploads properly anyway, so thank you.