Losing comments when importing a word document

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with Scrivener I’ve not encountered before. Normally, at the point in my edit where I’ve accepted the changes from my editor in Word and worked through the comments fixing the smaller issues, I import the Word document back into Scrivener to work on the final draft. The remaining comments from my editor import directly into Scrivener.

For some reason that’s now not happening. Importing from a DOCX file drops the comments and screws with the formatting. Importing from an RTF file retains the formatting, but still drops the comments. (In the attached screenshot there should be a comment on the last word of the sentence “hall” and where my editor has inserted a carriage return for some reason the full stop that should be at the end of the line is now at the start.)

Has anyone else had this issue lately, or heard of it happening to anyone else? I’ve googled and searched various Scrivener groups on Facebook and on Reddit and can’t seem to find a solution. I have looked through the forums and seen people having similar issues but nothing quite like this and to be honest found some of the information a little overwhelming.

A little information about my workflow: once I’ve got my edit back, I like to go through it in pages accepting changes and fixing the small stuff. Then I leave the comments that relate to bigger issues in the manuscript and import the whole lot back to Scrivener from a docx document for the final draft.

I duplicate the manuscript in Scrivener so I have a copy. (These are labelled as draft one, draft two etc.) Then I delete the manuscript, import the word document and use my editor’s comments to help me with the next draft.

Just a handy way to keep everything in one place in a vaguely organised way that seems to work for my brain. It means I have a copy of every draft in the Scrivener project.

For reference, I’m on a 2016 MacBook Air running Big Sur 11.6.2 running Scrivener for Mac version 3.2.3 (14869). Any help gratefully received!

Never mind, I just saw a post suggesting dragging and dropping the file into the binder and letting Scrivener convert it that way, and now all my comments are there without weird formatting!

Why it works that way but not from using the import option in the file menu, I have no idea, but I’m just glad I got it to work!

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I’m glad you found a solution. My workflow is much different. I never accept/reject in Word or import into Scrivener. I view the project and an editor or beta reader’s docx (or other format) file side by side and make the edits directly in Scrivener. In my experience, most suggested edits are bogus and the rest I’m likely to fix in my own way, not the editor’s way.

what I do with an editor’s comments…


Yeah, with my ADHD having multiple documents open at once can be overwhelming, particularly working on my small MacBook screen. I find it much easier to have everything in one place. Which is why I reimport back into Scrivener and subdivide it again into smaller sections. Chapters, scenes, etc. Working in one long document makes my head explode.

Whatever works, works. Right? It’s fascinating how we all have such different processes.