I upgraded and lost everything a month or so ago because it wasn’t obvious that I had been compiling three separate books inside the Tutorial. Fortunately, I had not emptied the trash and you helped me retrieve it, so no harm no foul.

Following your instructions I then moved everything to other folders, or so I thought. This morning I opened Scrivener and everything is back in the Tutorial and BLANK - all kinds of files and zero text - it’s all gone - a year’s worth of work. And this time there is nothing in the trash.

Since the last near disaster, I’ve been doing a backup that is fortunately only a week old. The unfortunate part is that it does not appear my backup is recognizing new activity in Scrivner since the upgrade - all other software is being back up - can’t find a backup for scrivener.

I did not do any upgrading and thought I had moved everything out of the Tutorial (I read it all again and followed the Import instructions to the T and ended up with imports coming into what I now know is the Tutorial - although I’m still not sure how to put them anywhere else).

Was there some kind of upgrade pushed from you? But more importantly, why does the program still overwrite files written in the Tutorial? You mentioned this isn’t the first time this has happened. Can’t you just turn off the ability to create files in the Tutorial if every time you upgrade it’s going to kill them? It isn’t clear if I’m in the Tutorial or somewhere else - can you at least make the program so that it doesn’t open in the Tutorial? Something to keep people from losing files in the Tutorial?

Any chance we can find those hundreds of pages of text that have disappeared? Again, I already have my upgrade and there’s nothing in the trash, and I can’t think of anything I did to make these things disappear between Friday and this morning when I opened Scrivener.


Hopefully your work isn’t lost, especially if you’ve done a backup. But you MUST print out your work. You can’t trust a years worth of work to a COMPUTER. So when you find it, first thing is to PRINT IT OUT.