Losing file contents


I’ve had the feeling I’ve been losing text entries in Scrivener. I’ve been using one Project as a Journal, with several subcategories in the My Drafts folder. Today I opened one of these to find there was nothing at all in it, though there had been a year’s worth of daily entries there. Don’t know what happened.

I always save each sub-category after I make any addition to it or change to it. I treat it same as I would a word-processor file. Maybe that’s my problem? Documents are not treated as files?

I also move to the MY Drafts folder and click Save there. But entries have been getting lost.

Might it be because I once moved my Scrivener Project to my User/Documents/Scrivener folder?

Am very puzzled, as I thought one feature of Scrivener was that it made it very hard to lose any of your work.



This sounds very odd… Certainly Scrivener shouldn’t be losing any of your work. I’m not quite sure what you mean about moving stuff to the My Drafts folder (do you mean the Draft folder in the binder?) and clicking Save there (Scrivener auto-saves, though it’s fine to go to File > Save to make the save immediate).

Have you accidentally hit the Delete key at some point? If so, the work may be in the Trash folder in the binder… If not, it might be worth describing in detail exactly what you did up to the point of data loss, as it’s a little difficult for me to discern what is going on from your description at the moment…

Thanks and all the best,