Losing footnotes & annotations when using presets

I wrote a book manuscript in the last version of Scrivener, and used many annotations and footnotes. Whenever I changed the formatting of a segment of text using a preset (style in the old system), the annotations and footnotes were preserved, although their formatting was altered.

Now in Scrivener 2when I apply a preset to a footnote, the footnote is completely deleted if it is an inspector footnote, or the formatting defining the text as a footnote is removed if it is an inline footnote.

I created a new project to test this behavior, and the same thing happened.

This creates a serious problem for me. I need to be able to select a scrivener document and change the formatting using presets, without worrying about losing footnotes or annotations.

I could not find any options in the preference to fix this, and the text for chapter 16 of the user manual on footnotes and comments is still missing.

I would appreciate any advice. I have to turn around a new draft to my editor fairly quickly, and will need to revert to the old version of Scrivener if this can’t be fixed.



You are right, this definitely does look like something got messed up in the way presets are applied. I tried setting a paragraph to an annotation in 1.54, and then selecting three paragraphs and changing the formatting to “Blockquote”. The annotation was retained, but in 2.0 the annotation was dropped.

The reason is that the comments and annotations are character formatting, and the formats apply different character formatting that wipes them out. Obviously that’s not desirable, and I have added this to my list to fix for 2.0.1. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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Thank you Amber and Keith for your replies. I found a workaround for now, which is to redefine the presets to save paragraph style (instead of save all formatting). In fact that’s what I prefer, because one thing I didn’t like in Scrivener 1 is that when I would apply styles, I would lose character formatting such as italics. Rarely do I actually want to change characters when I apply styles/presents; I generally only want to change font and paragraph style.

Other than this glitch (which I’ve found a solution for), I absolutely love working in Scrivener 2. I know Scrivener was original developed for fiction writers, but it works great for me as a professor who writes scholarly books. I especially like being able to view footnotes and annotations in the inspector, and being able to color code them. This is great for making lots of notes for minor revisions and fact-checking as I prepare my MS to go to press.


Glad you found a workaround in the meantime. Thanks for the kind words - glad you’re liking Scrivener 2.0 and that it’s coming in useful for your professorial work.
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