Losing formatting in conversion to ebook

I am using the Compile function to format my ebook for Kindle. I have tried both ePub and .mobi with the same result: lost formatting.

Nothing is centred even though it is in the original Scrivener version.

I have each scene in my short story as a separate document in the binder. These are showing up as chapters with chapter headings, which I don’t want. Should I be putting them all in one long document? In that case, how will the system know where to put in page breaks?

I’m new at this and kind of frustrated at the moment. Would really appreciate help.


Please take a look at the “Formatting” pane of Compile. Compile allows you to completely override the formatting of the text in the editor (or not) and to add chapter headings. The “Formatting” pane is where all of this is handled.

All the best,