Losing formatting when compiling a screenplay into .fountain or .fdx

Posted this on r/scrivener, then realized I should have asked here.

Basically, I’m trying to compile my screenplay using the default “script or screenplay” compiler settings. But whenever I compile to .fountain, I lose all my formatting when I import into Fade In and all my paragraphs turn into a single block of text.

I’ve also tried compiling to .fdx, but when I open the file in Final Draft, I have a different problem where each line look like it’s 20 spaces apart.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

I prefer to Export to FDX rather than compiling.

I put all my documents into a folder, duplicate the folder, merge the duplicate into a single document and Export that.

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Ah, that makes sense. I noticed that exporting to .fdx preserved my formatting, but in my case that left me with 350 files for individual scenes. Merging them in another document is really clever. I’ll try that out.

I also just noticed that compiling to .rtf seems to preserve my formatting.

Hmm. After trying your suggestion, I’m still seeing the same problem. What seems to be happening is that I’m losing the double-spacing after paragraph breaks, so everything looks like a Walter Hill-style block of text. Have you encountered this before?

Have you checked to make sure that your action paragraphs are actually formatted as Action elements? It sounds like they’re coming over as General.

If they are coming over as Action, an easy fix is to open the FDX in Final Draft and use Format>Elements>Apply A Template to apply the Screenplay template. The FDX format from Scrivener is somewhat poorly formed.

If they are coming over as General, you will have to reformat them by hand, either in Scrivener or in Final Draft. I prefer FD, but the choice is yours.