Losing headers on facing pages


When I am compiling my short stories in .rtf or .docx, I cannot view the headers on the facing pages. (Last name/title/page #) However, when viewed in .pdf or when in print preview, they are there.

I need to submit in .rtf or .docx format. How can I make the headers viewable in these formats?


Up until now, the “facing pages” settings for headers and footers were only available if you were compiling to Print or PDF. However, if you don’t mind working with beta software, you may like to try the latest beta version, which also allows you to set up facing pages in RTF output. If you want to try this, you can download it from the following thread: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-2-x-update-betas-download-here/11262/1]. Go to the Page Settings pane under File > Compile… then select the “Facing pages” tab in the middle of the display, and set up the headers and footers you require.


I downloaded the beta and found the fields. However, not sure which fields to update. Is there a link to a screenshot that would help?

Also, I now lost the word count on my documents when compiling. Is this because of the beta version?


Screen captures are not my forte, so I hope this works! :smiley:

The pinky-red ovals are things you select. The area marked with a blue box is where you set up your headers and footers with whatever you would like them to contain. There are three fields, corresponding to left, centre and right (of a right-hand page) for both header and footer. If you are trying to set up the verso header, you will be looking just at the top row in the blue box (i.e. not the footer row). If your existing recto header is on the right, you will probably want to set up the verso header to be on the left, so you will want to add your header text to the leftmost field (marked with a green arrow).

You mention using “last name / title / page number” in your existing header. If you click on the “Header and Footer” tab in the centre of the screen there, you will see that the right-hand header field (probably) contains “<$surname> / <$ABBR_PROJECTTITLE> / <$p>”. To replicate this on the left-hand page, click on the “Facing Pages” tab, and check the “Use facing pages” box. In the left-hand header field, type “<$surname> / <$ABBR_PROJECTTITLE> / <$p>”. Or, if you want to get fancy and invert the order, you could type “<$p> / <$ABBR_PROJECTTITLE> / <$surname>”. All without the quotation marks, obviously. (If your right-hand page contains different placeholder tags in the header field, use them here instead of the ones I’ve given. I’ve just guessed at your set-up.)

If you want to get really fancy, you could use different placeholder tags to add different information. You can find the list of placeholder tags under the Help Menu. Valid options for inclusion in headers and footers include <$sectiontitle> as well as the tags listed under “Page Numbers”, “Current Date and Time” and “User and Project Information”.

I’m not sure why your word counts have disappeared, because they seem to be working for me. Are you using a particular template or compile preset?

Hope this helps.

It may just be user error. My settings match, but I don’t know if I am using a Compile preset. The format is Short Story. The total word count on the first page worked until I installed the Beta version.

The total word count is broken in the current beta, sorry. I’ll be uploading a new beta that will fix this soon.

What word processor are you opening the .rtf file in?

If you’re using the Short Story template, then the information you will want for the verso header is:

<$surname> / <$drafttitle> / <$p>

or its inverse:

<$p> / <$drafttitle> / <$surname>

Sorry for not noticing that the total word counts were broken! I saw that the tags were working inside a single document in the Draft folder, and I didn’t check further until I knew which template you were using.