losing hours and mind! PC will not recognize MAC file!

I’ve been working on scrivener for over a year on my PC. I just once opened my dissertation on my macbook air. I don’t care if I can never do it again. I just need to open it again on my desktop PC. Please help.

My PC no longer recognizes the file. Each time I try to open it (saved under different names, transferred via drop box, via flash drive, moved in and out of scrivx folders per suggestions on this forum), I get either:

a) a new project window. and if i select, open an existing project and try to click on my dissertation, it won’t allow me to select it.
b) the folders of my dissertation with no content.
or some variations thereof. I’ve been at this for hours so I don’t have the full list of things that haven’t worked. but if anyone knows what does, please advise!
Thank you.

did you zip the file on the mac before transfer to the PC? if not try that.

Also, make sure you QUIT scrivener before zipping/transferring. probably not needed, but not a bad idea in this case.

tried zipping before transfer. still no luck!

Is your Windows version of Scrivener the latest available?

literatureandlatte.com/scriv … atform=win

If you open the file on your Mac and create a new zipped backup from inside Scrivener, will that file carry over and work?

I’m thinking it sounds like there might be a conflicted file somewhere.

See if these threads help:



Edit, one more:


I’m downloading from the link now… I assume the license I bought a year + ago and the files will work!

I did try every order of operation with the zipping and closing and transferring. I haven’t found the magic combination yet. That there’s not a clear answer (or logic to why it would work) makes me think I need a different route. I hope the update is the magic! This has been so so many lost hours!

THANK YOU! I have my dissertation back.

Unfortunately, I can’t purely isolate the solution… but it was some combination of the new download/ sifting conflict files and maybe zipping? I wish I had a better map for the next person who gets stuck like this - but thank you to everyone who took the time to weigh in. I wish I asked a day sooner - I would’ve saved many many many hours!

Back to writing.

Good news. Someone had the same problem the other day, but going from PC to Mac. Downloading the latest version of Scrivener worked for them.

Happy writing

Briar :smiley: