Losing scenes from Mac project

I’ve a project where I am editing both on Mac and Windows. It seems that when I add a new text under a “chapter” folder on my Mac, I lose it when I open it in Windows. The file, 86.rtf, is still there, but is disassociated with the project under Windows.

For awhile, I thought this might be an issue with me using Google Drive, so I tried a ZIP backup on the Mac, then opened it the next day at work with my Win copy of Scrivener. Same issue.

Today, I upgraded the Win version to, and re-opened the zip file. Same issue.

This problem is making my Windows version of Scrivener exceedingly annoying to use.

On Windows, do you have more than one .scrivx file in the project folder? It might be the Mac is updating one and you are opening an older one that doesn’t have this new file. The .scrivx is the file that is responsible for linking up the RTF files in the Files/Docs folder to the stuff you see in the binder. So if it is out of date, it won’t know what to do with 86.rtf.

If you do just have the one, try loading the .scrivx file in Notepad.exe and searching for: ID=“86”

Any matches?

Yes, I do have two. One is the title of the project, “Nemesis.scrivx” and the other is a generic “project.scrivx”.

I wonder which software created which file…

Removing the generic project.scrivx seems to have done it. I first verified it was the older of the two files.

Interestingly, double-clicking on Nemesis.scrivx or project.scrivx, Scrivener for Win complained it was not a proper file. Yet, selecting it to open an existing project opened Nemesis.scrivx just fine.

Modification Date is often the best way to sort out things like that. I’m not sure why there were two of them, I’ll have to do some Mac/Win testing to see if I can reproduce that. Did you create the project on the Mac and then just recently start working on it with Windows?

At any rate, the second odd thing you posted is a known bug. It actually has to do with whether or not Scrivener is open when you try to load the project. You can open it via double-click, but only if the program is running first.

I believe I created the project under Win for NaNoWriMo 2011. I think that’s the case because I remember noting the difference when trying to create a new Character sketch or Setting. The option to create from template wasn’t there.

Might be a bit hard to reproduce then, as I think the naming protocol changed since then—and that’s probably what happened right there.