Losing scrivener links

Since recently updating my iPad to iOS 11, Scrivener links which have worked for a long time have started to disappear. Most links still work but, without any pattern I can spot, clicking on some links causes the app to crash. When I check these out on my Mac, I get the message that the linked document cannot be found (I may not be remembering the exact text here). The document does still exist and when I recreate the link on the Mac (Sierra) and sync via Dropbox, the link then works on iOS.

Most of these failures are on links where I know I have not amended the link source or target documents for a long time, so editing oddities do not seem to be the explanation.

As background, I should add that I frequently swap between working on my Mac and working on my iPad, so this could be a Dropbox problem. I guess that the problem could have been created on my Mac but the problem has never first occurred there and I have been using Sierra for some time.

Another issue is that, when I long press link text on iOS, it produces a popup box giving a long code for the Scrivener link (greyed out) and below several options including “Open” but clicking on Open has no effect. I have to select the link text and then click it to bring up the line of options (copy etc) then usually click the right hand arrow to get to “open link” before the link works. To be honest, I am not sure whether this is just me having a memory lapse (I may just be forgetting how the iOS version works) or a bug. It is certainly a very awkward way of operating an internal link involving, as it normally does, 5 different steps.

I am also experiencing the problem using Scrivener links. In particular, long press on a Scrivener link is ineffective, as described above. The only way I’ve found to use a Scrivener link in iOS is to tap on the link (putting Scrivener into edit mode), tap again to bring up the dark Edit popover, and then tapping on “open link.”

This is confusing, to say the least, since it is not at all how external links work in iOS Scrivener (they use the long press.) Further, the two sorts of links are quite indistinguishable while in Dark Mode.

Is this truly expected behaviour?

Interesting. On my phone, I have to double-click Scrivener internal links for them to work. For external links, single-click is sufficient.

ETA: I am on IOS 10.something.

Double tapping works for me on 11.1.3.