Losing text when compiling

I’m trying to compile a poetry manuscript as rtf, but when I do so there are (seemingly) random lines that are missing the first letter of their first word (ie, it’s in the scrivener document but upon compile a line that starts “Apart” now reads “part.” I’m having trouble determining the cause/what makes these lines unique. I did notice that if I go back in to a specific document and delete that first letter/line break and hard return/type the letter again it seems to compile correctly. That’s doable (though still not ideal) for a smaller manuscript but I’m also compiling a long one and am trying to avoid such work on a much larger scale. I’ve tried various options in the Compile menu, to no avail. I’m relatively new to Scrivener…Any help would be most appreciated.

That’s very strange - does the same thing happen when you compile as a PDF file? What version of Scrivener are you running (2.0, 2.0.2 etc - you can check by selecting “About Scrivener” from the “Scrivener” menu)?

Try updating to this beta and see if this helps:


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Thanks for the reply. I was away all day, just getting back to this. I was using 2.0.4, just updated to the beta, but the problem persists. It does not happen when compiling to pdf. I should have also mentioned that much of this manuscript started as word docs and I imported them – I’m wondering if that isn’t a large part of the problem? But what confuses me is that it’s not consistent (or not obviously so…some lines are affected, others are not). Does this info help at all? Thanks so much.

It sounds like there is a bug in the RTF export somewhere that is being triggered by your particular project. Could you please zip up the project and send it to me at kb-tech-support@literatureandlatte.com?

If it’s too big, make a copy of the project in the Finder and then strip out any large media files from the copy, and zip up and send me the copy.

If it’s got sensitive information in it or you just don’t like the idea of sending your text to someone else, make a copy and then use Edit > Find > Project Replace to replace swap letters, e.g. “a” for “z”, “t” for b" and so on. After you’ve done that with five or six letters, the project should be unreadable. (Obviously only do that on a copy!) Then send me the scrambled copy. (Make sure the problem still exists in the project when exporting to RTF before sending me the altered project though.)

If it is a bug and you can get it to me today, I might be able to fix it for 2.0.5 (which I’m hoping to release late today or early next week) - otherwise I’ll look at it for 2.0.6.

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