Losing text when using iOS on iPhone

I’ve created new chapters that when I’ve gone back to edit them no longer existed.

Yesterday I edited a chapter that was in existence for a long time. Today it is nowhere to be seen. I (unfortunately) cannot find it on my MacBook pro either.

Should I stop using my iPhone to edit my books? It seems pretty buggy.

Did you sync with Dropbox after having finished writing on the phone?
Did you make sure that the project was fully synced (downloaded) from the Dropbox server before opening it on your Mac?

I have used iOS Scrivener since it was released on two iOS devices and 2-3 Macs and never lost a word.

Yes I did. I actually sync quite often.

Can you describe in detail exactly what you did then, that led up to the loss of the text?
When and how did you use your Mac? In between using iOS Scrivener?

I didn’t use the Mac in between. I wrote the text on the iPhone and then it wasn’t there when I went back to it to do some editing.

I had a document vanish when I synced with Dropbox on iPad. It reappeared after multiple syncs–which also brought along a document which hadn’t synced before. Sounds like a Dropbox issue.