Losing weight

In a previous post (see Loosing 8 kg in 8 weeks) I wrote about the motivation for loosing weight. I return now to this subject from a different angle. The reason is a story I’ve read about Angela Stokes (http://www.rawreform.com/content/view/17/30/). She went from 21stone (294lbs/133kg) to 9stone 9lbs (roughly 138lbs/62kg). Not wanting to bore you with something you can read for yourself, I’m just writing my own conclusion, which is simply

In order to take this resolution into action I bought a Philips Juice press HR1861. I’m no expert when it comes to juice presses but the Phillips looked OK, and I’ve been using it now for three days with good result. I’ve never had any trouble with eating fruits but vegetables has been another story. I couldn’t eat much spinach, celery, salad, etc., but with a juice press it’s very easy and enjoyable. I don’t know if this resolution will stay with me or fade away when difficulties of life set in, but increasing the amount of vegetables intake can’t be bad.

Jeeezzz!!! Yr not gonna turn into a [i]Health&Fitness[/i] obsessive are Y.
The best way to lose weight is: Olympic Standard Gymnasticated Fornication

Losing Weight?

Loose weight would make noises when it rolls around.


Drink less soda. :slight_smile:

I believe loosing weight is what happens when you take a trip down to the liposuction clinic. Har hars aside, being a mostly-vegan already, I have had a strange curiosity with the raw food diet for some time. It seems a lot of trouble minimal gain, however. There is an odd lack of scientific study either pro or con to the diet itself.

Oh yes! I have that one too! (since january)
I love it.
One handy tip: put a little plastic bag in the container that catches the pulp. Makes it a lot easier to clean. You can use any type really, as long as it fits.

I haven’t used mine in quite a while though, not supposed to drink fruit / veggie juices anymore… (or water or tea or lemonade)


I think you can’t lose weight without lots and lots of exercise.
So along with the various diets, try to add at least an hour a day of
walking, jogging, swimming, weight-lifting; anything that
revs up the heart and burns calories. We recently took up water-jogging,
which is twice as effective as land-jogging. I highly recommend it.
Vic may try it in his favorite stock pond. With a nip of Chivas Regal.

active.com/triathlon/Article … ur-Run.htm

Only a feckin hippy would recommend splashing about in soddin puddles! tch! jeezz!!
Can`t possibly be as effective as:
Olympic Standard Gymnasticated Fornication

Lets see on one hand we have “hippy puddle splashing”. On the other we have jail time. With hippies we have high effort. With jail time we have low effort, but we need to beware of Bubby, our cell mate.

I think the effort of dealing with Bubby may make the hippy option a little more attractive to me.

Pff, you can lose 22kg easily just by starving! (I don’t recommend it :wink: )


Even super-strenuous exercise like ballet dancing or martial arts only burns about 400-600 calories per hour. That’s the caloric equivalent of two standard candy bars.

Which is not to say that exercise isn’t a great idea, for many reasons. But seen purely as (weight change = calories consumed - calories burned), it’s not terribly efficient.

Not to mention the well-known phenomenon of post-exercise hungries. If your post-workout snack contains more calories than your workout burned, you’re right back where you started.


Agreed. For that little problem, I recommend prayer and readings of Kafka’s story “The Hunger Artist.”

If it gets really bad, try reading all of Vic’s 2000+ posts to the forum.

And then more prayer. :open_mouth:

You know, funnily enough, I was looking at those forum post stats two days ago.

#1 Keith
#2 Amber

Makes perfect sense. They give the most help of anyone.

#3 Vic.

I’m pretty sure the Technical Support board is outside his natural habitat.

Someone has to keep the other two on their toes.

I guess that makes sense. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in reverse, what with the wooden leg…

If you want to lose weight fast go to India and eat the local food, perhaps some unwashed fruits too.

The resulting dysentery will slough off the kilos.

I write from personal experience. Holed up in flea pit hotels in Peshawar and Delhi unable to leave as too sick and too weak to move.


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Ouch Paul, I hope you recovered alright…

Sounds very nasty.

makes note to self to not go to India


Thanks, that’s a good tip. The only thing that I have against making juice is the cleaning afterward. I make my juice by putting down one apple, then any vegetables I choose, then one lime and an apple on top.

Some other tips

(1) Cut down on bread intake and pasta intake

(2) Cut out soda and candy (empty calories)

(3) If you eat meat eat smaller portions of meat and larger portions of Veg&fruit (ex. instead of eating a 16 oz steak eat a 4-6oz serving instead)

(4) Do NOT eat three LARGE meals a day (breakfast lunch and dinner) but rather eat 5 smaller meals during the day and lightly snack in between on HEALTHY food.

(5) Good Cardio exercise to supplement a good healthy diet.

(6) Never eat after three hours before bedtime.

(7) Drink lots of water (about 2 liters a day or more)

(8) stay away from “fat free” advertised food and instead get reduced fat food.

(9) Dress a tad warmer than needed. When your body is cold it stores fat for warmth. When it is overly warm it burns more calories trying to keep cool and does NOT store fat for warmth.

(10) Eat then shop for food.

Yeah that works best, squeeze it in between two apples. I liked mixing Golden Delicious apples with carrot and some ginger.
You can put the top part in the dishwasher as well as that other plastic bit (where the juice comes out) for easy cleaning :wink:
I got a small brush with mine to clean the sieve with. It helps if you run hot water, turn the sieve upside down, and then slowly brush it, turning the sieve around. You get most of the pulp out in one rotation and because you clean form the outside, you don’t push it further into those tiny holes.
The boyfriend like mine so much that I gave him one for his birthday. He brings fresh apple-juice into work sometimes, making lots of friends that way :wink:


These tips and recipes seem great but I see no mention of the vodka, tequila and cheap white wine that finishes them off so well.

Face it; rotgut is where you get the calories from.