Losing Word Counts

I’ve got a strange bug.

I live in a place where the power shuts down occasionally, and I normally write on a desktop PC. When the power goes out, it shuts off.

When that happens some of my files lose their word counts. The files otherwise appear uncorrupted. The text is still in there, it’s just the word and character counts show as 0.

I’ve attached a jpg to show what it looks like.

This is not a big problem. It doesn’t stop me from doing anything. I just wanted you guys to be aware of it.

I’ve been having the same issue for quite awhile. It’s not related to power surges in my case. I can open a recent project, word count is wrong. Close it, reopen and it fixes. Sometimes it fixes just one folder and other still list the word count at 0. Sometimes it fixes all the folders and the word count is exactly as it should be. At least until the next time I open it again.

I just realized as I’m going through a revision and adding comments, the word counts get recalculated.