Losing your previous Novels and Snap Shots missing to replace with New Windows 11

I bought the New Scriviner Beta 3.5 and when I installed it again after maintaince on my Computer all my Novels and Children Stories have dissappeared and that is more than 11 years of work . Who do I get it back into my Computer. I relied on Scriviner to have a backup and now all my work is gone.

Your work is not “gone,” but the new copy of Scrivener does not know where it is. Use Windows Explorer to search for your projects.

If you do not understand how to backup your work, locate files with Windows Explorer, and recover from backups, you should not be running any form of beta software, including ours.

I’ve moved this to the general support area since it concerns how Scrivener lists recent projects that are stored on your disk, rather than whether the projects are on your disk—and if they aren’t on the disk that’s more a matter of general Windows file management.

You speak of maintenance, I hope that did not involve reformatting the hard drive, and that you have no backup of the previous system anywhere else. We do back up your project every time you close it (by default), but that necessarily also saves to the same drive unless you plug another one in and tell Scrivener to use it.

Hello Kewms

How do I go about to find my Work on Windows Explorer. What happen was that my Computer was about to crash. So I decided to set it back to Default (like new), but I see that Drive D on my Computer is full. Can all my work be there ? and if so how would I go about to get it out of Drive D and back to my Scriviner? Any suggestions or help will do. I didn’t back it up on a UB File stick , but I think it’s on System D Drive in the Computer. What do I do next? ?


Scrivener project folders all use a naming convention of putting “.scriv” on the end of the folder name. This should make it easy to search for folder names, looking for anything that ends that way. I don’t know exactly how to do that in Win 11, but there are probably some guides on the web for that.

Once you find one, drill into that folder and then double-click on the “project name.scrivx” file within it to load in Scrivener. Now it will be back in the Recent Projects menu, and reopen automatically after you close if you use default settings.

I don’t think rolling back the system snapshot should mess with your user folder contents though, if that is what you did, so even if there were on C: it may be okay.

To do as @AmberV suggests:

  • open Windows File Explorer

  • select your D: drive where you think you have saved versions

  • type .scriv in the search box, then return

  • Soon (or perhaps later) you should see some .scriv folders showing up.

  • right-click on one of them, and select Open file location. It’s in there – probably near the bottom of the choices

Now you’ll see that .scriv project – but more important, you’ll be in the folder where at least many of them probably are.

If this doesn’t find all, maybe you used more than one folder, so repeat the process and choose a folder name that wasn’t in your original bunch. This would be easier if you left the original File Explorer open, and start another for a further search.

Bonne chance! And from now on, please actually and regularly do backups. You’ve seen what playing around can get you…

– a p.s. –

if you think you might have actual Scrivener auto-backups on D:, you can repeat the above steps, but in this case put -bak in the search box.

This may find an amount of false leads, but it will include Scrivener auto-backups whether they have the form including date-tiime or not.

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