Loss of focus in Binder & outlines (reposted from tech sup.)


It seems that just about every time I ‘turn around’ in Scrivener, I encounter another tool or functionality I will find of use – so what I have here below is just a reflection of the depth of my preference for keyboard navigation, not only in Scrivener, but across the Windows session.

  • When I sort the documents in a folder, the Binder loses its keyboard focus on the folder.
    It seems the quickest way back to it is via keyboard is Ctrl-Tab.

  • After converting a file to a folder (via keystroke), the Binder seems to lose its focus re further ‘arrow’ navigation.
    Ctrl-Tab thrice recovers the Binder’s attention. (Twice more than the above situation.)
    (The focus is in fact retained, though grayed, for the sake of converting the now-file back to a folder, but not for keyboard navigation. Of course, clicking works.)

  • I have an editor window set as an outline and an item selected; I Ctrl-[ to a previous outliner view. Scrivener has not only lost the focus that it had on the item in that earlier view, it has lost its keyboard navigation in the outline as well.
    And when I Ctrl-] return to the later outline, Scrivener has likewise lost its focus on the item in that view and its focus on its editor window.
    To get the keyboard focus back into the outline, I have to Ctrl-Tab around, then navigate back to item from the top of the outline. (Of course, clicking works.)

  • There is a loss of focus in outline mode after I change the icon of a document(s) using the keyboard. (Focus is retained when I use the mouse and its pointer.)

  • If I am editing an item’s title in an outline-mode editor, Alt-Tab away (say, to copy a precise title text for the item) then come back to the title in Scrivener, the title-edit-state is lost, as is the apparent focus on the outline itself. (Actually, single Ctrl-Tab gets the outline’s attention, but the edit state remains lost.)

  • There is a visual loss of focus in the binder when an item is deleted and ‘Trash’ is closed. It would be of use were the focus to merely shift up one item, doc or folder, when an item is deleted. (I think it’s already been reported that when Trash is open, the focus stays on the item deleted – which takes us all the way to the bottom of the heap.)
    Although the Binder retains Scrivener’s attention (hidden), the focus is displaced from the neighborhood of the deletion: An Up/Down keystroke reveals it at the Draft level, far away from the site of the trashing.


(I remember that I wasn’t going to mention ‘loss of focus’ issues again … except when I encountered new cases mostly daily and more often, or ‘importantly’.)

  • In the Binder, import-splitting a file: Once the import is complete, the focus is lost until I Ctrl-Tab around (or of course, I ‘click’).

  • After I do a project search with both the Binder and the Collections showing, after Tab’g out of the search text box, Scrivener’s keystroke focus seems to be among the Collections (which does include the Search Results), not in the separately displayed Search Results as it mostly would be (after a couple of down arrows) were the Collections not showing before the search.
    Is this the intention?
    Even when then among the Collections, it doesn’t seem that I can keyboard select any particular one, not even the included Search
    Results once I scroll to it.
    (Ctrl-Tab’g around gets me to the separate Search Results.)