loss of Notes when in full screen after OSX upgrade

Hi , I was wondering if anyone else has lost the editor when opening up the fullscreen mode with two monitors. This used to work just fine – I would have the editor on one screen and the full screen mode on the second screen. Now, when I ask Scivener to go into full screen mode(with preferances set to use a second monitor if possible), Full screen mode is opened, but the editor/binder disappears. This started right after the latest OS X patch.


There is a preference to hide the main Scrivener window when full screen mode opens. This was changed to default “on” recently, due to an OS X bug that slows your computer down when you have the same file open in two places. If you have different files in full screen and the main window, this slowdown isn’t an issue.

Actually it was changed to “off” recently. :slight_smile: So, if you have updated to the new Scrivener beta, the window won’t appear by default - you have to switch it back on via the Full Screen preferences.

Thanks. It is a bit embarrassing but I found the option “hide main window” clicked-I unclicked it and all is well. Sorry for the selective blindness. My wife says I also have selective deafness as well.

Glad you found it. :slight_smile: Oh, and a quick apology to janra, as I didn’t read her post properly - she was of course absolutely right when she said that “hide main window” had been changed to ON by default. Whoops.

I have this strange habit of checking the exact wording of items I’m explaining. My memory has been wrong about the little details often enough that I’d rather not lead somebody wrong.

Found a lot of bugs that way when I was writing documentation. “This button is supposed to do ‘X’” (clicks button to confirm) “Nope, it doesn’t.” (file bug report)