Loss of RSS feed

Good morning Keith.
First, Kudos from a newbie :smiley: . If I only had this wonderful program in Grad School. But then, our computers took up an entire floor.

Help! For some reason, I’m no longer able to receive your RSS feed via my Apple Mail 4.5 (1084) :blush: .
Using a MacBook with Ver. 10.6.7
Scrivener 2.0.5 (9496)

Thanks for the kudos!

Nothing has changed about the RSS URL, and I just checked it in Mail on my machine and it seems to still be working (although I haven’t updated to 10.6.7 on this machine yet), so this is an odd one.

Note to anyone popping by: is anyone else having similar issues?


Just to clear aside any assumptions, which RSS feed are you referring to, the forum feed or the blog? Do you have any other feeds set up in Mail, and are they working?

Good Morning Keith and Ioa.

Thank you both for your quick replies. :smiley:

When I checked my L&L RSS this morning there was an icon that, when clicked on , gave me the following message: There was an error updating the RSS feed “Literature and Latte”
“An error internal to the publication subscription framework occurred”.

I have other feeds that seem to be working although they post less frequently than L&L.


Sorry Ioa, the issue is with the Forum Feed. :blush:


Just for the record, Google Reader isn’t seeing updates to the L&L forum RSS feed. Running 10.6.7

Thanks Sean, Keith may be able to help. :smiley:

I can’t, I’m afraid - or at least not immediately :frowning: The RSS feed seems to be working fine in Mail for me, so I’m not sure why it’s not for you guys. We do want to upgrade the RSS feed at some point soon anyway, so that you will be able to subscribe only to particular forums, so hopefully that will help. I took a look at RSS Feed 2.0 for PHPBB3 today after reading this thread but couldn’t quite face the installation and testing process (it being a Saturday). We will look into a better RSS feed soon though (hopefully everyone will appreciate that although it’s on the list, it’s low priority compared to the coding itself).

Thanks and all the best,

I’m having this problem as well. It worked fine until a couple of days ago, so it’s possible that Google changed Google Reader in a way that conflicted with the forum software.


Thanks Keith, being on “the list” is a good thing and appreciated.
Please take care of yourself, (weekends off are GOOD :smiley: “all work and no play…”).
There are many of us out here who value you and hold you in very high esteem.

That’s very kind of you, thank you (although I think “many” might be stretching it :slight_smile: ).
All the best,

The feed is back in Google Reader this morning. Maybe a Reader glitch? Maybe something to do with my internet service being flaky over the weekend?


Thanks kewms for the heads-up. :smiley:

And now it’s gone again. Sigh…