Loss work with Scrivener update 1.5

I seem to have lost my most recent writing! I had two scrivener files open on my desktop (MacBook Pro w/ Leopard) along with numerous other files (Excel, Word, Eudora, Safari). Without warning, a black screen descended down on the entire monitor, giving me the alert: You must restart your computer.

When I restarted and reopened Scrivener, I was asked if I wanted to update to 1.5. I said yes.

When I opened the two files, however, much was missing from work I had done over the past two weeks (which was probably the last time I backed it up). In retrospect, I should have backed up more frequently but became concerned about backing up to Dropbox and was also concerned about the unwieldy file names added in brackets. I thought I was now backing up to the hard drive but after the crash, it seemed like the most recent files were in Dropbox.

So now I’m not sure where the files were being saved. That may be part of the problem or all of it. Perhaps when I updated, Scrivener looked for files in another location. I don’t think that is the issue, however, because the first few words of each new section I had completed were in the new file – but not the remainder of the text. And by the first few words, I don’t mean the name of the section, I mean the first part of the text. If this page had been a section titled “Scrivener Problems with update to 1.5”, the words “I seem to have lost my most ……” might be all that shows up. So it looks like the new version accessed my old work but only the very first words of each section.

So there are worse problems to have in life, especially in this economy, but I’m discouraged because I’ve lost a great amount of work.

Any suggestions as to what may have happened and/or can my work be recovered?

Gosh, that’s scary! and I’m afraid I have no suggestions about what might have happened. But, if dropbox was saving to the cloud before saving to your hard drive (not sure how it works, I guess that’s possible?), maybe you could still find the files online? Have you logged in at getdropbox.com and looked?

I am hoping they’ll show up there, though they may be hard to find because dropbox loses all my chapter titles. Please tell us if you find them there! If not, I don’t really know what can have happened. I’m a newbie at both programs, actually.

Keeping my fingers crossed-

Whew! With great diligence, finally found the RTF files and have successfully copied and pasted them back into my Scrivener document. Tedious but thankful they were there!!! Thanks for your feedback.

Oh, I’m so glad they were there! :smiley:

Where were the documents? Which directories and with what extension? (just trying to help others who have similar problems)

Were you able to open the files with Scrivener or TextEdit or some other program? I’m having a problem opening older Scivener files in 1.5.

I’ve also lost work (see my recent Help!!! post) and am desperate to retrieve it. Where did you find the RTF file?? My problem is that I back up to Sugar Sync which automatically backed up the new ‘old’ file overriding my pre v.1.5 version. I also cannot understand why Scrivener did not back up the project itself as I worked as it usually does.