Lost a chapter when exporting

I wanted to save the chapters I’ve written in a docx file on my laptop. When I exported them, one chapter didn’t convert. The error message reads, "Could not export ‘Aunt Vicky’s .docx’ Error: ‘Converter error’ Error description: "
That’s it. I can’t see any difference between this one chapter and the others, but I can’t export it. Any ideas?

Hey guys, I think I solved it… it’s the apostrophe in the file name. Word doesn’t like folders with apostrophes… :joy:

Neither Word nor Windows has a problem with folders or file names with apostrophes, including as far as I can tell “smart” apostrophes. (Quotes are another matter.) Both are valid, and are seen as different characters:

Scrivener’s various file output features should be able to do what’s necessary to convert any legal binder name to a legal file name - indeed it seems to routinely strip out characters that are not allowed in filenames.

My guess is something else is or was afoot… but I’m glad you got it sorted!