Lost a lot of work

About a month ago a long-time project came back with an error and showed me a four year old verson of the book - one of the first drafts. I tried the Reindex trick and it didn’t work.

I renamed the folder and found a backup that worked.

The same thing just happened again, but this time all my backups look to be two years old! I tried restoring from a cloud backup service that was backed up last night, and it returned the same hosed folder. I’m guessing that means the damage happens on exiting (which has backups turned on.)

Am I looking in the wrong place for backups?

If I can’t recover this, I’m going to lose two years of work.

I don’t have the manual or Scrivener in front of me, but somewhere in settings/preferences you tell Scrivener where to store the backups. That will tell you where the backup folders are.

Found 'em, but I’d only set it to back up five copies, and my multiple attempts to recover means they’re all hosed. I just chaged it to the max of 25, but its too late to save this manuscript.

I tried getting them from my cloud backup, but iDrive’s app won’t restore past copies. I guess they think if they just say they keep timeline backups, no one will check on them.

I do have one that’s a year old, and I can see RTF files in the hosed one that reflect the changes, but there’s 160 of them.

I just tried importing one of the damaged ones into a new project, and that seemed to work OK, although I’ve lost all my notes and color coding.

The experiment continues. …

Sounds like your individual text files are okay, but somehow your project file got corrupted. Sorry, I’m not sure how to help with that.

But I suggest you copy your project folder to a separate folder, so you have it available as you experiment.

This won’t help you now, but I have Scrivener set to “Keep all backup files”. Hard drive space is relatively cheap compared to recreating work.

You might want to directly contact technical support, as discussed here

By default, regular backups (automatic, prompted, and File > Back Up > Back Up Now) go to
That location can be changed in Tools > Options > Backup.
As JimRac mentioned, you can also change to “keep all backup files” there… and drive space is cheap these days, certainly cheaper than loss of work. If you tell Scrivener to use date in backup file names, you’ll be able to easily identify which backup is which in the event that you ever get tight enough on space that you need to go in and review and delete or relocate some.

You mention iDrive… DropBox is the only Internet/cloud backup/sync service currently recommended for Scrivener, given that Scrivener projects are actually databases comprised of a folder containing multiple subfolders and files, rather than a single physical file like a Word doc file is. Use any others at your own risk. And use even DropBox cautiously and methodically.
See the three knowledge base articles under Cloud Syncing at the following.

Hope that is of some assistance.