Lost A Major Amount Of A Story I Was Writing


So recently, I was working on a project on the scrivener app (Ipad). I was on the page for a document, and then went to another document and copied it. I went back to the document I was on, and accidentally clicked on the unstylized paste button. This completely erased the document I was working on, and when I was about to undo it, realized the button associated with undoing something like that was greyed out.

Essentially, I deleted a large portion of the text I was working on, and have no idea how to get it back. I’m really new to scrivener, and I don’t know if there’s a way to get it back.



The standard method for undoing an action in iOS is to shake the device. I don’t know if this works in Scrivener on iPad as I’ve never tried it.



You must have done something else in between the Paste and the Undo attempt. For example, you switched to viewing a different document (maybe did something there) and then came back to the trouble doc and tried to Undo.

I 'm pretty sure this is a general fact in iOS: If you step away from a text field area that you’ve been editing, Apple’s built-in Undo function won’t know what to undo.


P.S. Perhaps you have a backup of your project somewhere that would have the relevant text still intact?

The last backup my iPad took was before I installed scrivener. That would be the only thing it would’ve had a backup to.

So there isn’t any other way of retrieving the paragraphs I lost? Does scrivener automatically save every so often?

There is no real notion of “saving” on iOS. When you edit a document, you are, well, really changing that document. Alternatively you could conceive of it as, yes, automatically saving — every few seconds — but of course that is not helpful to your recovery effort,

If you have set up Dropbox syncing in Scriv and your project is among the projects set to sync with Dropbox, AND you haven’t re-synced since the the bad thing happened, then the Dropbox server is still sitting on an older version of your project — which may include the lost text. Your challenge then is to first grab a copy of the older version from the server and put it somewhere safe. Then, once you determine it has the text, open a copy of it and grab that text and bring it into you current version of the project. If you have a Mac/Win machine set up for Drop box, then the old version of you project is already sitting in your dropbox folder on the machine — just make a copy of that and put it somewhere safe to start with.


P.S. You have said that this is a substantial amount of writing you’ve lost. I gather you wrote it right in Scrivener rather than importing it from some previous incarnation (otherwise you could just go grab the lost chunk from the source). And probably that takes some time even. But nonetheless it seems you have no backup of your work. So, one thing we have certainly learned is that you need to establish a good backup strategy. Everyone needs one! One that would ensure that between you and a substantial amount of writing there is always a backup. This is harder to effect if you are operating solely on an iPad or phone of course.