Lost a whole chapter on Scrivener

My windows 10 computer crashed while I was using Scrivener. When I rebooted and opened my project, I only had a very old version of my project. I have backups set to backup automatically when the project closes and I close my project at least everyday. However, the latest backup according to the backup file was one week ago. I had another project open alongside this one that crashed as well but it backed up tonight.

Everyday, I open this project and the project is in tact from the last time I opened it. Except for this time when everything is lost. Can someone please help me try to recover my project? This is over 40 hours of work and thousands of words lost.

I’m also using Scrivener in Windows 10, and have been having exactly the same problem. It’s happened to me twice in the past month, the latest incident having happened just this morning. My computer crashed with the Scrivener document open, and when it came back up it had seemingly reverted to a version of the file that is at least two weeks old (though the date on the file was today’s date). Luckily, I have learned from this to back my file up onto a thumb drive every fifteen minutes or so while I’m working on it, so I didn’t lose any work (this time!), but this instability has really got me thinking I should be switching to a different writing software. I’m sad to even be thinking that, because I’m a long-term Scrivener loyalist, but it’s stressful to be constantly wondering if my words will still be there every time I open my document. Suggestions would be very much welcomed.

I also lost a chapter. I am using win 7. I copied a section to paste it somewhere else, the next moment it disappeared from the page AND the clipboard and I could not undo it, or save or backup the book any-more, still cannot.