Lost ability to IMPORT WEB PAGE


I’m on a Mac with Mountain Lion. Latest edition of Scrivener.

Cannot import web pages in this version - the icon is grayed out.


Can you describe the steps you are taking to get to the point where the icon is greyed out? I can’t reproduce this myself, it appears to be working fine—whether I try to use the toolbar icon, the File/Import/Web Page... menu command, or simple drag-and-drop from the URL bar of Firefox into the Research folder of the Binder. It all works fine for me, so let us know what URL you are attempting to import and what folder you are trying to import it to, in the Binder.

Hello! I just watched a URL get dragged from the location bar in the browser (on a Mac) into the Binder in the Screencasts Online tutorial and for some reason when I attempt to recreate it, my browser (irritatingly) always floats up to the top layer and Scrivener gets tucked behind it. In the Screencast tutorial, the narrator simply drags Scrivener down a bit to reveal the browser’s location bar on the screen behind it, clicks and drags the URL effortlessly from the browser location bar to the Scrivener Binder. Is there a hot key (or some other method) that one needs to initiate in order to prevent Scrivener from being “sent to back”? I would like to use this method of importing web pages into my Research folder and I know I must have overlooked a critical step. I have searched the manual and Taking Control of Scrivener 2 and on this support forum and not found a resolution. Kindly advise…


What you are describing as desired behaviour is the default function of how the window manager on the Mac works, so that should help narrow down your investigation a bit. Window stacking is not controlled by individual programs for the most part (they can request the window manager do things, such as float a window to the top no matter what). I just did a quick test again with 10.8, and dragging things from one program to another does not raise the background program. If drag events on your computer are raising windows, I would look to things that impact window management, such as utilities for resizing or making windows easier to control or place, and/or trackpad and mouse enhancement utilities.

Thanks for the fast response. I have taken your advice and checked all the settings on my MBP (10.8.4) to no avail. I’m not using any performance enhancing third party utilities, either. I was successful, however in manipulating Safari (NOT Firefox) into allowing me to drag the url to the Research folder, but it took several tries sorely lacking in finesse and sadly the webpage did not render in the main screen, what appeared was just the URL as text. When I re-watched the video, I noticed that they clicked on the W just to the immediate left of the url in the location bar, (in the example, it’s a Wikipedia page, so the favicon W seems to be what’s being clicked and dragged, not the whole URL in selection). When I tried it again clicking just to the left of the URL in my test, it worked and the page rendered successfully! However, this magic appears only to be available to me in Firefox, so if anyone knows of a way to tame that shrew, please feel free to share.

I watched this: youtube.com/watch?v=-DthBJhBrYs

Scrub through to 20:03 and you will see that the narrator’s drag & drop of the W favicon results in a fully rendered page displaying in the main Scrivener window. :open_mouth:

Any additional questions, suggestions, thoughts are welcome. Thanks!


Ah, yes, if you just drag the text field into Scrivener’s binder, then it will be treated as any other text drag, which will create a new text document with the contents of the drag. This way you can drag and drop text from web sites, text files and so forth without having to create a new document first. To register your drag as a proper web import, you need to use the little favicon (or generic icon if the site doesn’t have one), into the Binder (not an existing text file).

If you repeatedly find dragging to not work (and to be fair this isn’t 100% reliable as every browser does something different with favicon drags), then a much more reliable method is to use the web import feature from Scrivener’s File/Import/ sub-menu. If your clipboard contains a URL, it will automatically be inserted into the import tool for you.

Awesome! Thank you for that nice added alternative. Cheers! --VJ :mrgreen: