Lost all text style

Just noticed all my text stylings (italics, bold, underlines) disappeared. Not exactly sure when it happened but had just performed a compile. Was using Scriptwriting mode. Any ideas what could have caused?

Point of clarification: Are you saying your text styling has disappeared from the text in the source documents in Scrivener, or just in the compiled output?

Disappeared from 98 pgs of Scrivener source document

First thing I would do is make safety copies of the several most recent backups of the project, so the one you would want to revert to, if it comes to that, does not get overwritten as you continue working with the project.

Compile does not change the docs in your project, so when seeking the cause you are looking for something you were doing before that. Of course you need to think about any global changes recently made (however innocent they might have seemed) — a decision to change the font throughout, for example. Assuming your 98 script pages are not all in one document, this probably means you were in Scrivenings mode when the thing happened, which might help you figure when the deal went down.

Hopefully someone will come by with a more targeted diagnosis for you.

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