Lost all texte but structure is correct

I am in a deep problem!!

I made some changes on savings with dropbox.

Now I have all the structure of my work (more than 1 and a half year), but the content (text written) is empty.

Does someone can help me? This is a major problem for me

Thanks a lot for any help.

I’m assuming you’re on Scrivener 3.0.

This matches what would happen if, while doing your “changes”. you moved your .scrivx file out of your .scriv folder.

The .scriv folder contains all of your writing.

The .scrivx file is (sort of) Scrivener’s index to all of your writing.

By separating these two things, you’ve disconnected the index from the actual writing.

For a named example, you moved the file MyProject.scrivx out of the folder MyProject.scriv.

Reverse this, by moving file MyProject.scrivx back into folder MyProject.scriv.

Then move folder MyProject.scriv to Dropbox, if that’s what your goal is.

To make it simpler to see file types, make sure you’ve disabled (uncheck) the File Explorer option Hide extensions for known file types . On my system, that option is found in File Explorer, under View > Options > Change Folder & search Options > View.