I don’t know what happened–I was just sprinting with NaNo friends. ONly had Scrivener adn Google chats running, but my computer froze up and after fifteen minutes, I decided to force stop and reboot. Upon returning to the program, I found everything had backed up, like normal, except an entire chapter was suddenly blank–not a single word there, and yet the chapter is two days old. Under the manuscript, it shows the file/chapter is still there, but when I click on it, every. single. word. is gone.

Calling my scrivener-pro-helping-friend, together we searched. And searched. We went to Scrivener Pro sites, we came to literature and latte, and read forums and tutorials on how to recover. I didn’t panic, until after all that we still had nothing. We went through the backup files, my documents. We found backup versions, but even in those, the entire chapter is missing. At most I should’ve only lost a few hundred words, but thousands are gone. I’m at a loss of what to do.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you checked the RTF files within the project folder (under Files\Docs), both in your original and in the zipped backups? (Also if you haven’t, be sure to copy all the automatic backup copies to another temporary location to avoid accidentally overwriting them with new backups of a damaged project. You can always trash them later, but it’s best to have an extra copy away from the automatic queue while you’re sorting out a problem like this.) It could be some problem where the file is still present in the project but not loading, and you could then recover the text from the file directly or reimport it to Scrivener, etc.

Is it a single file that is loading as blank in the editor, or were you viewing a Scrivenings session and some of the items are missing? Could you have written directly in a folder rather than its subdocument? (I’m not sure what all you’ve tried so far by way of recovery, so I apologise if all of this is beating the same ground.) A hard shutdown might have corrupted an open file, but it shouldn’t have affected your backups, so I’m wondering if it’s more an interface issue than actual file corruption.

Something else you can try, if you’re on Vista or later, is Windows’ restore previous versions feature. It will depend on your Windows settings, but you may be able to dig out an earlier copy of the project or of the specific document in question.