Lost (and Found) Dropbox Project

I’m a bit late to Scrivener and I’ve been using Dropbox for a large project. I use two computers with Dropbox. Updates to my files weren’t saving, and by the time I found out how to call up old backups for Windows (I applied the Mac solution: How to Find Your Mac Backups), I had saved it five times and lost all additions.

I went in to the most recent file, did a right mouse click for a New Text, and lo! my old additions came back each time I added a new text–seven times. I’m glad that I was able to recover them, and after reading this forum, I’m now using Dropbox properly. But it might be worth trying to restore your files with this method–it sure ended my frustration.

And now that you’ve recovered all your text, you might want to go poking around in your project directory for “conflicted” files. Files with that word in them are Dropbox’s way of telling you that it had an issue syncing them, so it created a copy. You can safely delete them now, which will make any future mishaps easier to resolve.

Hi there. I’ve gone and done exactly what was described in this thread (ie opened an older version on both computers and therefore “lost” the one I was working on) but can’t find the backups as described. Or rather, I found the file by going through options but the computer can’t open the backup I need. Can someone walk me through the Windows version of how I find and open an older backup?
Would truly appreciate any help I can get on this.