Lost backup

I just recently updated my Scrivener software from 1.9.0 (or something) to the 1.9.6 update. It was at least a day after I updated it when something went wrong. A box popped up about “sticky keys” (which I haven’t seen before and am not sure if I just hit something on my keyboard funny), but I tried to X out of the box… which told me “not responding”. I was working on a manuscript at the time, and before I was able to save, that began “not responding.” and then the whole screen froze and I was forced to restart my computer. I cannot find the document that I was working on, even when I do “tools>options>backup”. It tells me that the one I am trying to open is an earlier version of software and needs to be updated. The sign also asks me if I want to update it. I click okay and nothing happens. Where is my document?

Try this to open a backup of your project.

In Scrivener, go to Preferences and find out where (what folder) your Scrivener backups are stored in Windows.

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to that folder. You should see a lot of zipped files there. These are your Scrivener projects, in compressed format.

Copy the latest zipped file to somewhere else, perhaps where you normally keep your writing.

Right-click on the zipped file and select Extract All. A new folder should be created.

Open the new folder until you see the .scrivx file. Double click on it. This may be from a prior of version Scrivener. If so, Scrivener will ask if you want to update it – click okay.

Report back and let us know what happened!

I would add one other important note: it sounds like you could have multiple copies of your project laying around (which is perfectly fine to do) and the crash caused the software to go back to loading an older version rather than the newer one you’ve been working on. So you might just need to locate and open the correct copy in File Explorer.

The previous backup, as described above, may be old since the computer crashed while working on it, and those backups are created when you close a project.

That’s what it sounds like. I think the default for that is hitting Shift five times in a row. It’s a Windows feature, and unless you need it you probably do not want that. It makes it so you can tap Ctrl, let go, and then tap P, instead of holding both down.