lost chapter--question about backup

I’ve lost the final chapter of my novel. (This happened today, and I’m on fine, strong, wired internet)
The chapter is empty, and in the backup, it’s empty too. Does Scrivener keep more than one backup? If so, how do I find it?
I wasn’t at my computer, that’s what’s weird. The chapter was there at 11 pm last night. When I opened the file tonight, gone.
I’d deeply appreciate suggestions or guidance.

Are you sure you opened the same project on the same computer? You didn’t by any chance do a “Save as…” before closing everything but today opened the old project?

Hi Lunk,
No, I opened the same project. What I’m hoping for is a backup from the day before. Do you know how many scrivener keeps?

It depends on your settings in Options-> Tools…

But things don’t disappear by themselves, so the question is what you did when you left the project.

I found my chapter in an older backup, thank heavens! I do wonder why this happened. It makes me think I’d better, each night at the end of writing, compile my novel for Word as an additional backup.

Hey the same thing happened to me, I lost a chapter. How did you find it and restore it?

Go to Scrivener’s preferences (under the File menu, I believe), and then to the Backup tab in the window that pops up. There will be a button there to open a file browser to the place where Scrivener backs up projects when you close them.

Once you find your backups, copy them elsewhere, any time you open a project and make even the slightest change, Scrivener will mark that project for backup, and when that backup occurs, it will delete the oldest backup that exceeds how many it’s set to keep after creating a newer one.

Once you’re done with those backup files, I suggest you revisit the backup settings. Likely you want to keep more than the default 5, and maybe use the date in the backup filename, rather than just a sequence number.