Lost Chapters but not lost Notes despite back ups and backups overwritten?

Hi there!

I’m in a bit of a pickle which is turning into a panic.

I opened up Scrivener today and noticed all of my recent Chapters were a May 2023 version even though Notes I had made were Notes I had made from this week, going back oll through the summer are there. I renamed my novel a few weeks ago and that is there, but months worth of Chapter edits have gone.

I use my harddrive and OneDrive, my Onedrive Documents isnt syncing properly and I’ve been trying to resolve that but I’ve done every single thing online to fix it, but its not working so I dont know if its an issue with that.

I went to my backup files, and ALL OF THEM have been overwritten and are from today’s glitchy file so I can’t access any previous versions.

I could understand if I had lost work due to some sort of glitch say, up to a few weeks ago, but why would I still have all recent notes? I have many different versions of my novel saved elsewhere, so I havent lost it, I’ve just lost all my edits since May (not have not lost any notes!).

I have no idea what to do. Anything will help! Thanks so much.

A commom issue Saving a Project and Renaming it is that you keep working in the Copy, not the Original.

So you might check the previous version for your edits.

When using OneDrive, make sure all Scrivener Project files remain on your HD, don’t “make space free”, by keeping them in the cloud only.

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