Lost comments/footnotes

I meant that when Scrivener is first opened such a warning is made. From that point on the user has been warned.

This is the kind of warning I meant.

Wow…I’m not even sure how I stumbled over this thread. But this was so helpful, and it led me to what worked for me.

I had lost all the footnotes in my massive Scrivener project during a computer change. I’ve been fiddling with this issue for awhile - when I had the bandwidth to deal with it.

After reading this thread:
I created a new Scrivener project… and created a test page, with a footnote. Looked in the data file to see what the working footnotes were called: content.comments

I then went to a clean copy (ensuring I wasn’t using the only copy) of my messed up Scrivener project and looked in the Data file for the footnotes… searched for words I knew were often in the footnotes, and saw that the footnote data was still there, but the files for those notes all had *.xml appended to the file name: content.comments.xml

I removed the ‘xml’ from one of the content.comments file names… then checked the content.rtf document to check which part of my document the footnote pertained to. I then opened Scrivener and went to that section…and I had a working footnote! I closed the project.
(I then swore heavily because at some point my project must have been in Google Drive)

Next - I used Bulk Rename Utility to remove the xml extensions from all the content.comments file names from my clean copy of the Scrivener project.

I had over 600 files to rename. This blog post shows you how to select the subfolder option in Bulk Rename Utility: Bulk Rename Utility - The Digital Archivist's Lifeline
I sorted by file name and was then easily able to bulk select the files that needed to be changed.

Then I crossed my fingers, opened up my Scrivener project, and whooped when I saw all my footnotes working.

Thank you thank you, kewms!