Lost contents of binder

I’m on OS Catalina 10.15.6 My computer crashed yesterday. When I reopened, Scrivner this morning, (version 3.1.5) my entire 90,000 word document was gone and only the final scene of 500 words was in the binder. When I went to my saved files (iCloud) it showed the document at 200MB and when I tried opening it that way I only got the 500 word scene again.

I went to the backup folder. My last backup date showed July 21, 2020 at 130MB. This I can open, but it hasn’t saved anything of the last 2 weeks of work. I know I’ve saved the file since then. I saved it yesterday before the crash.

Any suggestions? I’m not a computer person, I rely on reliable software.
Thank you.

iCloud may not be downloading all of the files that make up your project to your computer. Try moving the project to a place not controlled by iCloud, using the Finder (with Scrivener closed). Then re-open the project from there.