Lost custom compile settings on upgrade

I love all the new features in v 1.7 for Windows. But I found that after upgrading, several custom compile formats that I’d been using have been lost. There’s three that are still there - unfortunately older ones I don’t use so much - but the two I’ve used a lot recently are gone. Is there any way to recover these? I have backups going back before the upgrade.

I installed the new version over 1.6. also then deleted the beta directory. In doing so I lost some formatting also. Did it go away with the beta version?

If so and I can dig the deleted beta folder out of recycle bin and replace it will the settings be available??
After thinking it over a bit I had deleted the beta before opening the new 1.7 version. Had I opened the new version to various projects before deleting the beta (in which I was doing most of my work) would it have assimilated this formatting and remembered it?
My thought is to attempt salvaging the beta folder and starting over???

Will the latest beta version install over 1.6 with any success??

Sorta reachin’, I know, but hey, any old straw in a stack…

Don’tcha love all this calming of the waters after an upgrade? :wink: