I’m using version 1.54 in Snow Leopard.

I’ve been a Scrivener user for years. I was working on an article for hours and hours, switched for a minute into another program, then back to Scrivener, and found only a blank page. And, horrifyingly, “undo typing” is greyed out.

I’d like to figure out why this happened. But, more urgently, I’d like to get my work back. I won’t touch anything in Scrivener until I heard back.

Thanks for any help. I’m quite desperate.

I lied about not touching Scrivener.

I clicked on another article, then clicked back on the one I was working on. And the text came back. As did my heartbeat.

Ok, so does anyone know what’s happening here?

BTW, there really was no text…it wasn’t just, like, scrolled to beneath where all the text was. There was nothing selectable in the window, and, again, “undo” was greyed out…which is not a normal state of affairs after hours of writing and editing in a document.

Could it be you weren’t actually looking at the text for the document, but rather its outline? The Outliner feature does kind of look a bit like an empty text editor if there are no child items beneath the item you are viewing (often the case for text files). Undo would indeed be disabled in that state, and your description of clicking out and then back recovering the text would also match that condition, as text files will never use a group view mode (like Outliner) by default. You can manually switch to that view if you wish, to flesh out the outline beneath that point, but if you jump out and back in, you’ll once again be presented with the text editor.


That would indeed be a possible clueless newbie explanation. And you have no way of knowing I’m not a clueless newbie, so I thank you for your reply, but, no, that wasn’t it.

Not sure what it was then; sounds like a transient display bug to me or potentially low system resources. The sort of thing that happens once but after you restart the software you never see it again. Has it happened since then? One possibility comes to mind; are you on the 10.7 OS now? Version 1.54 of Scrivener has not been tested or adjusted for that OS.

I’m in OS 10.6.8

And it wasn’t a display bug because, again, “undo typing” was greyed out as a menu option. Scrivener really believed there was no text there to fool with.