Lost data in corkboard and backup issues

I was resizing an index card which had notes on it and the writing disappeared. I immediately pressed the “undo” icon on the tab bar, but this did not work. I went into back up to see if I could retrieve the info that way. I have been backing up scrivener as a zip drive. I also have other back ups on my C drive.
The zip drive back ups however appeared like they were from a few hours ago (not the every few seconds back up that the program promises) and (another problem) I could not open them. There was a non zip back up on my C drive but when I pressed this–it just brought back the corkboard with the erased writing.
The loss of material was minor–but I really would appreciate feedback on how to retrieve back ups so I can use Scrivener for more of my writing.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’ve had similar problems with my installation. I’ve lost data twice now.

The “every few seconds” is the saving of the file you are working on - the main version of your project. The back-up process, namely replicating a complete version of your project and storing it somewhere else, is done either when you close the project [by default] or optionally when you open it.

The back-ups are just zipped versions of the project files, so there’s no special trick to getting them to work… just unzip the contents to somewhere you can find it on your computer (like your desktop) and open it from there.

So for the corkboard to be backed up it needs to be part of an entire project back up (otherwise it’s not saved?)

Regarding the zip files, I’ll try again. . .


Regarding losing data in corkboard, I figured out what I did wrong.
I was resizing the index card, but I had also selected it (so it was in select mode). Then, while doing that, I had another thought to write on the index card and I pressed a key to write instead of going into the card via arrows. This deletes the entire index card. I pressed undo and perhaps I pressed it too many times which sometimes results in losing the data.


I’m glad you figured it out, though I’m sorry you lost the synopsis in the first place. I’ve done a little playing around with how the undo works here and I’ll make a note for the developer to see if we can make it a little friendlier–undo stacks are a bit of a technical nightmare, so I’m not sure how difficult it would be, but I’m hopeful. In the meanwhile, if this should happen again, the thing to try is selecting the card that had the text altered and then clicking into the synopsis in the inspector and using “undo” there (toggle the inspector with the blue circle “i” button if necessary). In most cases, this will get you back to where you were, whereas due to the way the text fields work, clicking into the card and trying undo won’t change anything.

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for this other option.
“Undo” does work in corkboard. It’s just finicky.


I just want to add this detail as it relates to possibly accidentally losing data on an index card–and it’s a bit irritating. If I want to type info into an index card, I double click in order to get the cursor to work.
However, double clicking also “selects” the text. So I have to be careful to click a third time rather than immediately type on the card.
If I immediately type at that point–I will lose the text which was previously typed in the card. Then I can use undo and it will bring it back. So undo does work if I just click it once.