LOST Data on Mac

My computer overnight updated to Mohave 10.14.6. I had been delaying because I didn’t need it but did not turn off automatic updates. So it updated. As a result, I lost or can’t find several Scrivener files. The last version of one of my plays, for instance, shows 4 scenes and I was up to at least 8. Also some files that were created in scrivener no longer open. Appears there is some compatibility issue and the files aren’t even showing up in my backup files–and they were there a night earlier before the update. Any suggestions? Or are they just gone. Apple techs tried to help but couldn’t.

I realise it was unscheduled (crazy Apple for making people work in unsafe conditions!), but do you happen to have a Time Machine snapshot or similar that you could revert to and roll back the update? Seems like some stuff broke that shouldn’t have. I applied that update recently without issues.

That aside, if you depend upon “Recent Projects” to maintain your project list, updates can indeed mess them up. Could be it’s loading old versions of the project, and not listing some you should see. It may be worth clearing that list and loading them manually. You can use the File ▸ Find All Projects in Spotlight menu command to help with that.

As for compatibility issues, does that imply that there is was an error message stating the version is newer and the project cannot be opened? That usually indicates something has damaged the project and it is missing core files.

It can also be a good idea to do some routine maintenance and reset of caches after an upgrade that doesn’t go well. Running Maintenance with default settings would be a good start, but Apple may have already walked you through some of that.

With 10.14.6 being released 2 years ago this month, unless you’ve been declining the update every time it prompts for over 2 years it shouldn’t have been an automatic update. That’s a very long time to leave Auto Update on and manually decline.

I don’t recall any unsupported app gotchas between High Sierra and Mojave or with any of the Mojave point releases. The only thing I can recall were some specific drive type issues with the HFS+ to APFS change, but by and large it wouldn’t attempt to make the conversion on drives with unsupported drives.

Do you have any further info re dialogs that may have popped up at the time?

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