Lost Data - rtf file

I have already contacted support, but i wanted to see if anybody in here would be able to give me a hand, basically, today I’ve written 3,700 words towards NaNoWriMo, but my dumb butt didn’t save, my fault entirely. My laptop crashed, and when i opened it back up, not only did i have to reinstall the scrivener update which was odd, but i had lost all of the work i had done today, the only thing i have is an rtf file, which seemingly was created/edited just before my laptop crashed, in Files>Data>most recent folder

Its called content, which makes me think its got my stuff in there, and it has a similar number of characters to what i had written, but when i open it up in word, it is a document full of blank squares, anybody able to help me?

Have you tried opening the RTF file with Scrivener?

What about using an online rtf to txt converter?

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it doesnt show up as an option on scrivener, tried importing it, it was empty

when i tried converting through a few means, it says failed

Did you try opening it in NotePad or Sublime text? They might show you the full contents.

when i try to open it in notepad it comes up with nothing

It sounds like that rtf file may be corrupted unfortunately. Have you tried checking for a backup copy of the project? This is a long shot, as by default backups are created on project close so the backup system may not have been triggered before the computer crashed, but it’s worth checking. You can open the backup folder by clicking the “Open backup folder…” button under File > Options > Backup. Once there, copy the latest backup to a new location on your computer, right-click on the copy and choose “Extract All” to unzip it. Open the project to see if it contains your missing work.

If not, support will ask you to send in your project so we can have a look at it and see if any of your work is recoverable.

i know the backup is missing, it only made a backup after id opened it when my laptop restarted unfortunately, since the system didn’t close it didn’t back up

i know for a fact ill be saving every 10 minutes from now on, i was just writing throughout the day so i didn’t think to

Hi Raveneagle,

Sorry for your data loss. :pouting_cat:

A few unsolicited recommendations.

Make the following settings changes in File > Options > Backup:

  • Enable Back up with each manual save
  • Set Retain backup files to at least 25
  • Enable use date in backup file names

After these changes, every time you do Ctrl-S to save, Scrivener will make a zipped backup of your project.

This may seem excessive to you, but doing Ctrl-S on its own is more or less redundant to Scrivener’s auto-save, and auto-save won’t always save you, as you’ve unfortunately found out the hard way.

The easiest, most sure-fire fool-proof way to recover from a project-corrupting crash is a zipped backup of your project.


yeah, i have all the backup settings on, i hadn’t saved though, which i get is my fault and if its gone, then its gone, but if possible imma fight to get it back

Yup, that was the point of my recommendations, to make saving easier and more effective going forward.

Unfortunately, I have nothing useful to contribute to your current recovery effort. :anguished:


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