Lost data w/ Syncing, not sure why

The following happened to me, causing me to lose data, and I’m trying to figure out why so that it doesn’t happen again.

  1. over the past couple of days I worked on a scrivener project on my laptop, which is set up with sugarsync to sync the folder containing my .scriv files (sugarsync is similar to dropbox, but allows you to specify many folders to sync, not just the ‘dropbox’ folder). Presumably they were syncing to my online server.

  2. last night i turned on my desktop, which presumably then downloaded all my .scriv files from sugarsync. I didn’t have scrivener on my desktop because I just started using it. this morning I downloaded the new version of scrivener and opened the scrivener project I had been working on. it asked me if I wanted to update it to the new version and i clicked yes.

  3. when it opened, the version of the project was several days old. When I went back to my laptop, sugarsync had updated the old version of the project over the top of the new version of the project.

  4. I went online to try to access previous versions of the project. (Sugarsync retains 5 previous versions.) It took me a while to figure out how to find these – namely, to figure out that i needed to open the .scriv file as a folder and look for .rtf files inside it. by the time i did this, the constant-saving feature of scrivener had saved too many times within the past ten minutes for any useful version of the files to remain on the sugarsync servers as “versions.”

So, I have two questions/concerns.
1: what’s the explanation for the old version of the .scriv file being saved? as far as I can tell, the new version should have been uploaded and downloaded from the sync server. did updating to scriv 2 have anything to do with this problem?

2: I am now PARANOID about using scrivener with sugarsync. I love the program, but I simply can’t run the risk of losing work. How do I prevent this from happening again? I see that you say never to open the same file on two machines, but this may happen sooner or later despite a user’s best intentions. is there an additional safeguard one can use? Is there a way to turn OFF the automatic save feature so that scrivener won’t constantly overwrite past versions? as of now i’m considering doing a “save as…” every time I start working. This may fill my hard drive up and sync server with large .scriv files but it’s better than risking losing data. at least that way I’ll know I’m not at risk of losing data.

thanks. I love the program but the risky interface with syncing may be a dealbreaker for me.

I think this may be the source of your problem. Does Sugarsync retain previous versions of the project, or of the individual files? That is, does Sugarsync give you:

Project.scriv.1 → file1.rtf.1, file2.rtf.1, etc.
Project.scriv.2 → file1.rtf.2, file2.rtf.2, etc.


Project.scriv → file1.rtf.1, file1.rtf.2, file2.rtf.1, file2.rtf.2 etc.

The former is correct. The latter is very very bad. The minute any program other than Scrivener puts anything into the .scriv folder, the project has been corrupted and data could be lost. At a minimum, Scrivener could be unable to see the new files – leading to the symptoms you experienced.